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In the Courtroom

Our attorneys have over twenty-six years of combined experience in representing clients in courts throughout Ohio. Our courtroom services include the following:

Commercial litigation, contract disputes.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits that arise out of breach of contract, disagreements about terms of contracts, breach of warranty, and other disagreements among businesses regarding goods and services.

Commercial collection.

We represent clients throughout the country in collection of unpaid debt or foreign judgments in the State of Ohio. Ohio law provides several avenues for collection of business debt or a foreign judgment, including attachment of assets, liens against real property, or by way of a creditor’s bill which allows the creditor to collect accounts receivable owed to the debtor directly from the debtor’s clients.

Professional liability.

We represent home inspectors, architects, engineers, insurance agents, mental health professionals, and other professionals in lawsuits alleging negligence or wrongful conduct, including representation in court as well as before licensing authorities related to license suspension or revocation proceedings.

Personal Injury.

Our attorneys represent clients in lawsuits involving injury or death arising from automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, injuries from faulty machinery or equipment, or injuries caused by assault, battery, negligence or other wrongful acts of another.

Criminal Defense.

Our courtroom work involves defending the constitutional rights of persons accused of committing a crime, including misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Contact us with your courtroom questions. We would ask that you review our disclaimer.